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Buy a Bargain Sous Vide Kit This November from TME

Buy a Bargain Sous Vide Kit This November from TME




It’s still not too late to bag this month’s kitchen equipment bargain from thermometer manufacturer, TME. Just visit the company’s website to claim your 10% discount off its SVK1 Sous Vide Temperature Kit. No special discount code required - offer ends 30th November 2017.

A Sous Vide Temperature Kit has become a must-have item for today’s professional chefs who understand the importance of careful temperature monitoring to avoid some of the common pitfalls of using a water bath – especially over or undercooking your ingredients.

The benefits of sous vide cooking process are well understood, enabling fish, meat and chicken cooked

in a vacuum pack to retain moisture, flavour and nutritional content. In fact it’s now common to see sous vide dishes across the menu with fruit and vegetables enjoying the same treatment.

However, sous vide cooking requires careful monitoring of temperature and time to ensure the required consistency and flavour is achieved - and even more important - that meat, fish and poultry products have been thoroughly cooked. Professional water baths are recommended but additional spot checks are also advisable to make sure the actual temperature inside the vacuum pack is guaranteed.

TM Electronics (TME) developed the first ever Sous-Vide Temperature Kit to provide the reassurance busy chefs need, and for several years it has continued to be one of its most popular products. MD, Tom Sensier: “Our Sous Vide Temperature Kit accurately records the actual temperature of product without compromising the vacuum pack, so you can be absolutely sure of a safe, quality dish.”

Why choose a TME Sous Vide Kit?

The SVK1 Sous Vide Temperature Kit combines a robust waterproof, high-accuracy thermometer with a very fine dishwasher-safe needle probe. This winning combination delivers an impressive 3 second response time thanks to TME’s unique ThermaSprint Technology. Finally, the all-important self-sealing tape ensures non-compromise of the vacuum pack during testing. Offered in a handy carry case with full instructions for the Sous Vide novice, this professional kit is great value at its everyday price of £135.




Kit Features

  • High accuracy (IP67) waterproof Thermometer
  • Dishwasher-proof Probe with very fine needle
  • Super-fast temperature measurement of just 3 seconds
  • Able to measure both internal temperature of food plus water bath temperature
  • Accurate to within ± 0.5°C (HACCP compliant)
  • Self-sealing tape, carry case, instruction booklet and logging booklet


For further information or to place an order, visit or email or phone +44 (0) 1903 700651


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