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Legionella water testing – healthcare delegates applaud practicality

Legionella water testing – healthcare delegates applaud practicality

Legionella water testing – healthcare delegates applaud practicality October 2016       

Temperature specialists, TME, returned for another year to the Healthcare Estates Conference and Exhibition, held at Manchester Central in October 2016. Following the success of its MM2008 Thermometer with integral timer - developed in response to feedback from last year’s conference - the company was keen to test out its wider range of water testing solutions on this year’s IHEEM delegates.

Managing Director, Tom Sensier: “We know that monitoring water temperature plays a vital role behind the scenes in keeping our hospitals safe from Legionnaires’ disease, so it’s great for us to meet with other industry specialists in the field - and to get such positive feedback on our legionella range.”

Most popular at show

TME’s TC Wall Ports and MM7000-2D Barcode Scanning Thermometer attracted the most attention this year, with visitors applauding the simplicity and practicality of both systems.

TME’s TC Wall Ports are remote thermocouple connections ports used for simplifying temperature spot checks. Each port – similar in style to a phone point - houses a thermocouple connector, linked to a water outlet by a fine wire sensor, which can be sited up to 20 metres away with no loss of accuracy. To take a temperature, simply plug in a thermocouple thermometer for a reliable result every time. Available in white - or red and blue to help distinguish between hot and cold water feeds.

“Visitors really liked the simplicity of the wall ports - and the low cost. At just £16 each, there’s a lot of money to be saved by not having to arrange the removal of panelling for every shower or tap test. Being able to site wall ports more conveniently is also ideal for calorifiers or high level tanks – certainly better than an awkward reach with a handheld probe whilst balancing on a step ladder – not an easy task!”

Delegates also approved the combining of wall ports with TME’s barcode thermometer – the MM7000-2D ThermoBarScan. By applying barcode labels to each wall port you can scan and record not only the temperature, date and time of every measurement but also the unique identity of each water outlet: a neat way to improve the integrity of hospital record keeping for just £425 including the software.

“The MM7000 scored high on practicality - no fussy buttons or scrolling up and down – plus the simplified software screens make data interrogation clear and accessible for everyone.”

About TME

TME are UK market leaders in equipment for water temperature testing, supplying Legionella temperature kits to a wide customer base including Water Safety Consultants, NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Schools & Universities and Facilities Management Companies.

“Our aim at TME - as always - is to offer systems and equipment specifically designed to get the job done faster, more efficiently and with results you can rely on.”

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