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New Deal on Legionella Monitoring for LEA Schools

New Deal on Legionella Monitoring for LEA Schools

UK thermometer supplier, TM Electronics (UK) Ltd, is offering LEAs a new deal on legionella monitoring equipment, with significant savings available to cash-strapped nurseries, schools and colleges responsible for water monitoring to prevent Legionnaires’ disease. The new procurement model is already a big hit with several schools and colleges, but many more LEAs are still elligible.

 What’s the risk of a legionella outbreak?

To prevent the spread of the legionella pneumophila bacterium and a potentially lethal outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, hot water should be stored above 60°C and distributed above 50°C, and cold water distributed below 20°C. Educational buildings present a particular risk due to the variety in their age and construction and the large number of water outlets present.

 An affordable response

Delegated budgets give schools and colleges more choice on how to respond to this risk. Much will depend on time and personnel available, the number and complexity of buildings involved – and most important, affordability. But whatever operational choices are made, accurate and reliable thermometers to check the temperature of running water, pipes and calorifiers are essential.

 TME’s new deal

TME offers all kinds of local authority-run buildings easy access to affordable equipment, reliable advice and low-cost repair/replacement. Good news for individual nurseries, schools and colleges able to enjoy the kind of benefits usually associated with large-scale procurement contracts :

  • Enhanced discounts
  • No minimum-order value requirement
  • Hassle-free ordering
  • Free advice and telephone back-up
  • Thermometer for Life pledge - a life-time offer to repair/replace any MM2000 thermometer damaged by the customer for no more than £35.


MD, Tom Sensier, says ‘Individual schools get much better deals than they would normally enjoy on one-off orders, and our Thermometer for Life pledge guarantees low-cost replacements in the future.’

 Speed and functionality

TME’s robust, waterproof equipment includes portable kits for speed and convenience, and fast-response sensors for dedicated legionella applications. Logging options include the company’s unique Bluetooth Barcode thermometer which record not only the temperature, time and date of each test but also the unique location of every pipe, tap or calorifier. ‘This amazing functionality delivers paperless records downloaded to PC, PDA or smart phone - perfect for multiple tests and rigorous traceability.’


Professional water companies, like Wrexham-based Britewater Ltd, already use TME equipment at universities and other cost sector establishments. “The MM2000 thermometers are the best we’ve ever used’, says Field Manager, Phil Moore, who is equally impressed with TME’s dual surface/immersion probe. ‘The KS01-S has halved our time on site as you don’t have to keep swapping the probes around.’’


LEAs interested in new thermometer deals for schools, colleges and other services should contact the TME Sales Team on 01903 700651 or visit        ends