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Revolutionary Thermometer Reads Barcodes


TM Electronics (TME), UK leaders in innovative temperature solutions, are transforming handheld temperature monitoring with the new MM7000 ThermoBar Scan, a unique thermometer with integral barcode reader and Bluetooth communication.

The MM7000 is a highly accurate temperature monitoring and auditing tool, offering a revolutionary portable logging capability: to scan and record not only temperature, time and date but also the identity of what is being scanned. It combines Bluetooth and barcode technologies in one easy-to-use device, eliminating paperwork and helping organisations to reduce double-handling of data and to prove due diligence.

How does it work?

First of all, the MM7000 takes highly accurate temperatures using fast-response thermocouples. This can include  waterproof, fine wire probes which can be easily attached and left in place – eg. on water feed pipes or in water tanks.

As well as taking accurate temperatures, the MM7000 can scan a barcode, assigned to any fixed asset/appliance ie taps, pipes, water tanks, air conditioning units, freezers. Barcodes can be created free on-line and applied with a label or by using a portable menu of barcodes.

All the required data, including the temperatures and barcodes are stored on the device which can save up to 250 readings before it is necessary to download the  data to your PC, mobile phone or PDA. This makes it ideal for mobile engineers who are required to monitor multiple sites.

Management software – which is included in the price of the device - effectively ‘translates’ the barcodes into meaningful data in order to produce the usual management reports. The software is compatible with all common data base systems, and can also be adapted to work with existing PDA reporting systems.

Case Study – Legionella Control

Dantek Environmental Services in Bristol is currently using the ThermoBar Scan at a large private school in West Sussex, monitoring cold water storage tanks, hot water calorifiers and sentinel taps.

Managing Director, Dan Collins, says: “The ThermoBar Scan offers a number of benefits - especially saving on double-handling of data, and also validating records to eliminate staff mis-reporting. We hope it will be instrumental in our development of a web-based log book system for water temperature monitoring in the future.”

TME manufactures a wide range of high quality temperature equipment, including thermometers, probes and data loggers. For more information, including a free data sheet, contact TM Electronics (UK) Ltd on 01903 700651 or visit                                                                                        ends.

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