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TME Launch Radical New Legionella Risk Management Probe KS20-S

TME Launch Radical New Legionella Risk Management Probe KS20-S

TME Launch Radical NEW Legionella Risk Management Probe KS20-S

UK thermometer manufacturer, TME launch radical NEW solution for legionella water temperature testing: the KS20-S dual purpose surface/immersion Probe: stronger and faster than ever before.

MD, Tom Sensier: “Temperature probes for combined surface and immersion measurements must balance competing requirements for strength, even surface contact and quick response. The KS20-S delivers a better result than ever before on all three fronts."

What’s the problem?

Conventional surface probes feature a steel or copper band or disc at the tip. A thermocouple is welded to the back of the band and this reacts to changes in temperature through the band itself. The band has to be quite thin so that change in temperature is conducted to the thermocouple quickly. The difficulty is that the band will flex slightly when pressed against a surface. Over time, this movement causes fatigue at the weld which can result in the joint fracturing. But a heavier gauge band can result in a longer response time which could be problematic for water temperature testing as timed temperature targets are essential for compliance with ACoPL8 water safety legislation.

A Radical Design Solution from TME

The KS20-S employs a radically different design which uses heavy-gauge thermocouple wire, crossed and welded instead of the conventional metal band or disc (usually seen at the tip of a surface probe). This is further supported by a silicon back-fill which adds durability as well as making the probe completely waterproof.


The absence of the band means the thermocouple itself is in direct contact with the pipe surface or water which gives a very fast response. “The benefits of a KS20-S are a much stronger joint and a much faster result: in tests, the probe settled in stirred water at 50C in under ten seconds.”

 KS20-S Key Features

  • Suitable for both pipe surfaces and immersion in water;
  • Robust cross-welded thermocouple, back-filled with silicon for strength and durability;
  • Completely waterproof;
  • Very fast response times for both surface and immersion temperature measurements;
  • Excellent value for money at just £65 for effectively 2 probes in 1.

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