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TME’s MM7100 ThermoBarScan Shortlisted for National FM Award 2016

TME’s MM7100 ThermoBarScan Shortlisted for National FM Award 2016

TME’s MM7100 ThermoBarScan Shortlisted for National FM Award

The MM7100 – a portable digital thermometer with built-in barcode scanner, programmable temperature alarms and Bluetooth communication - has been shortlisted for Tomorrow’s FM Top Products and Services Award. Voting is until Friday 18th March with the winner announced in April 2016.

This revolutionary device - designed and manufactured by TM Electronics - shares the 2015 shortlist with 50 of the most innovative and time saving products used by FM businesses all over the UK, from office blocks and hospitals to schools and stately homes.

TME’s MM7100 has also made its mark further afield, attracting new sales for TME in Europe, China and Australia following its launch at international trade shows, technology summits and conferences in Koln, London, Birmingham and Manchester. In 2016 it will be demonstrated at Foodex, Casual Dining and Lunch!

What’s new about the MM7100?

The MM7100 combines high accuracy temperature measurement, integral barcode scanning and Bluetooth communications to scan, record and display not only the temperature, time and date of each measurement but also the unique identity of any product, process or test point.

Users can program temperature alarms for individual locations and test points and they can also devise their own remedial action instructions which display when an alarm is triggered.

Up to 1000 separate measurements can be stored on the instrument at any one time before downloading to PC, using free open-source software and a choice of either Bluetooth communication or USB interface.

The MM7100 is compatible with all standard thermocouple temperature sensors and probes, and can also be supplied with an infra-red sensor, further widening its appeal.

Who does the MM7100 appeal to?

Engineers can programme alarms for water temperature ranges associated with the risk prevention, management and control of Legionnaires’ disease. Similarly unsafe food or pharmaceutical temperatures can be targeted when managing temperature controlled logistics, storage and production. The instrument can even be used in non-temperature mode for inventory control, further widening its appeal across all sectors.

What does MM7100 inventor say?

Tom Sensier, MD: “TME is delighted to be shortlisted for a national FM award. The MM7100 is an incredibly efficient, sustainable and portable log book that’s truly accessible. Its user-set alarms and barcodes give it a bespoke quality so often missing in devices with a pre-set menu of options, and its ability to integrate with existing data systems and computer apps adds further to its potential. It certainly gets my vote!”

More information and How to vote

Follow the links to watch Tom Sensier talking about his invention or for more information on the MM7100 and the chance to vote in the Tomorrow’s FM award

For more information on the complete MM700 range, its compatible probes and sensors visit or contact TME Sales at +44 (0)1903 700651.


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