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MM2000 Range

MM2000 Range

  • Is the MM2000 range of thermometers waterproof?

    Yes. The MM2000 range of thermometers is waterproof to IP67 standard, this means it is protected against immersion in up to 1m of water for up to 30 minutes.

  • Is my MM2000 range thermometer still waterproof without its rubber boot?

    Yes. The rubber boots that come with MM2000 range thermometers are intended to increase the shock-proofing of the instruments. They have no effect on the waterproofing.

  • How do I activate my MM2000 range thermometers’ Thermometer for Life policy?

    If you purchase an MM2000 range thermometer, whether directly from TME or from one of our suppliers, you automatically qualify for the Thermometer for Life policy. If your thermometer breaks, simply send it back to TME’s production department, who will repair/replace it for no more than £35. This is a lifelong guarantee and does not affect your standard 2 year warranty.

  • How do I turn my MM2000 range thermometer on and off?

    Different thermometers within the MM2000 range have different configurations of buttons, but the on/off button is the same for all of them. Simply press the top left hand button: once to turn the thermometer on, and again to turn it off.

  • Does my MM2000 range thermometer come with a battery?

    Yes it does. Your MM2000 range thermometer comes with one standard 9 volt PP3 battery.