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MM7000 Range

MM7000 Range

  • Why does the MM7000 range of thermometers use Barcode technology?

    When designing the MM7000, we looked at the problems that users often have when carrying out temperature spot checks. One of the biggest of these was the issue of not being able to record the identity of the product/item/location being monitored. Any thermometer with a hold function can give a record of the time, date and temperature of a measurement, but there was no way of recording the identity of the measurement. Barcode technology is the obvious answer. Barcodes are free and easy to generate (there is even now a Barcode font in newer versions of Microsoft Office), and they can be manipulated to mean anything you want them to. Barcodes also are often already assigned to products, for example in a goods in scenario. The MM7000 range includes one extra step in taking temperature measurements: simply scan the barcode that relates to the product/item/location you are testing, and you have a complete temperature record – no filling out a written log book, no room for human error.

  • How do I set up the software for my MM7000 range thermometer?

    Firstly, you’ll need to download the software from the relevant product page on the TME website. There will be a button with an arrow on it – this is your download button. You will also be given a software CD with your MM7000 range thermometer purchase, and you can download the software onto your PC from there instead if you wish. Full instructions on the setup of software for the MM7000 range thermometers is available in the MM7000 Handbook.

  • How do I download readings from my MM7000 range thermometer?

    For a complete guide on how to download readings from your MM7000 range thermometer, please see the MM7000 range handbook

  • How do I assign barcodes to my temperature testing points?

    For a complete guide on how to assign barcodes to your temperature testing points, please see the MM7000 range handbook:

  • Can I print the temperature readings from my MM7000 range thermometer?

    You can. For a complete guide on how to print temperature readings from your thermometer, please see the MM7000 range handbook

  • How do I turn my MM7000 range thermometer on and off?

    Different thermometers within the MM7000 range have different configurations of buttons, but the on/off button is the same for all of them. Simply press the top left hand button: once to turn the thermometer on, and again to turn it off.

  • Does my MM7000 range thermometer come with a battery?

    Yes it does. Your MM7000 range thermometer comes with one standard 9 volt PP3 battery

  • How long will the battery in my MM7000 range thermometer last?

    It depends on how much you use it, but the battery should last for more than 200 hours of intermittent use.

  • How do I replace the battery in my MM7000 range thermometer?

    Replacing the battery in your MM7000 range thermometer is very easy. Simply open the battery compartment in the back of the thermometer, remove the battery and replace with a new one.