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Solo Thermometer

Solo Thermometer

  • What is a SOLO thermometer?

    A SOLO thermometer is an easy-to-use, buttonless thermocouple thermometer, which comes complete with a foldout needle probe attached. It is perfect for use across all kinds of food temperature measurement.

  • Is a SOLO thermometer HACCP compatible?

    It is. HACCP guidelines recommend that food thermometers are accurate to within +/- 0.5°C, which is the same accuracy as the SOLO thermometer.

  • Why is my SOLO thermometer so fast?

    When you start to use the SOLO thermometer, you may be surprised at how much quicker it is than other thermometers you might have used in the past. This is because the needle probe which is attached to the thermometer is built using ThermoSprint technology, which delivers an incredible response time of just 3 seconds – that’s up to 10 times faster than the competition.

  • How do I turn my SOLO thermometer on and off?

    To turn your SOLO thermometer on, simply swing the needle probe out. To turn it back off again, fold the needle probe back into its resting position. If you leave the needle folded out, don’t worry, it won’t drain all of your battery. The thermometer will turn itself off after it’s been left unfolded for 10 mins.

  • Does my SOLO thermometer come with a battery, and what kind of battery does it use?

    Yes. The SOLO Thermometer is supplied complete with two AA batteries.

  • How long will the battery in my SOLO thermometer last?

    It always depends on frequency of use, but when used intermittently, your batteries should last for more than 500 hours.

  • How do I replace the batteries in my SOLO thermometer?

    Replacing the battery in your SOLO thermometer is very easy. Simply open the battery compartment in the back of the thermometer, remove the battery and replace with new ones.