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MM7100 new generation ThermoBarScan digital thermometer with inbuilt barcode reader; HACCP compliant; highly accurate; -200 to + 1820°C; large display; Bluetooth communication. For handheld temperature logging of food and liquids: meat, chicken, fish, ready meals, beverages.

Easy to use: stores up to 1,000 readings; assign unique barcodes to products/locations.

Features: programmable temperature alarms and remedial prompts, supplied with software. Requires: thermocouple probe/sensor.

• Measurement Range: -200 to + 1,820°C

• High Accuracy +/-0.1% of Reading +/-0.2°C, Resolution 0.1°

• Thermocouple types K, T, J, R,N, E, S + IR

• Large display screen

• Programmable temperature alarms & prompts