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TA06 T Type High Accuracy Black Body Probe 5cm Sphere

TA06 high accuracy black body probe, HACCP compliant. For monitoring the ambient temperature of ovens, fridges, freezers etc. Designed to give a true reflection of temperature experienced by food products by imitating a black body i.e absorbs all radiation incident upon it.

Easy to use

Features: Black coated stainless steel sphere, 2m glass fibre stainless steel, overbraided cable, miniature plug.

Requires: thermocouple thermometer.

• Measurement Range: -100 to + 400°C

• High Accuracy ±0.25°C ±0.15%

• Food grade stainless steel sphere gives true reflection of food temperature in oven, fridge, freezer

• 2m Glass fibre stainless steel overbraided cable with plug

• Black painted sphere measures 5cm