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THA12 T Type plug mounted flat food Probe 110mm x 5mm; thermoplastic moulded connector; HACCP compliant; waterproof; highly accurate; stainless steel plug in spatula probe. For taking temperature between food cartons, also may be used as a liquid food probe.

Easy to use: Plug into any thermocouple input thermometer, no cable required.

Features: Waterproof, compatible with MM2000, MM2010, MM2020, MM2030, SOLO-T.

Requires: digital thermocouple thermometer.

• Measurement Range: -100 to +400°C

• Accuracy Type ‘T’ Thermocouple: ½ Class I (±0.25°C ±0.15%)

• Food grade stainless steel flat food probe 110 x 5mm

• Plug mounted - no cable required

• Compact and waterproof

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