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TP01 T Type Frozen Food /Corkscrew Probe, 150mm x 6mm; HACCP compliant; very strong corkscrew probe designed for ease of penetration, integral thermocouple socket. For penetration of semi solid/solid and frozen food: meat, chicken, fish.

Strength: Robust Delryn handle and solid stainless steel rod with welded sensor tip.

Easy to use: handle at right angles to sensor to allow user to screw sensor into product.

Features: corkscrew shape minimises damage to product on removal.

Requires: digital thermocouple thermometer.

•  Measurement Range: -100 to + 280°C

•  High Accuracy ±0.25°C ±0.15%

•  Corkscrew design for easier penetration

•  Strong Delryn handle with Integral thermocouple socket

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