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MM7010 - Thermo Bluetooth Logging Thermocouple Thermometer

MM7010PRINT - Thermo Bluetooth Thermometer and Printer Combo

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MM7010Print – Bluetooth Logging Thermometer and Printer Combo. For recording time, date and temperature and printing that information to a ‘Receipt’.



Single Input

Measurement Range: -200 to +1,820°C (probe type dependant)

Accuracy: - ± 0.1% of Reading ± 0.2°C

Logs up to 1,000 timed and dated temperature records

Can be interrogated by a PDA or PC

Download data wirelessly via inbuilt Bluetooth communication

Free downloadable software

C/F Selectable

IP67 rated protection

Low Battery Indication

Selectable Thermocouple Types: K, T, J, R, N, E, S & IR


Rubber Boot included for extra protection against damage

Includes 1 x PP3 Battery

Requires: A Thermocouple Probe/Sensor


Compact 35mm Printer with Bluetooth Interface

Comes Complete with

Universal Trickle Charger

2 x 35mm Print Rolls

Primary Cell Cradle

Wall or Belt Mounting Kit

Data Cable

Do you require a Calibration Certificate for the MM7010 Handheld Thermometer?

Click below for our current range of available online options

Calibration Certificates


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