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Protect Dairy Stock with Cold Store Kit

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 16:07:53 Europe/London

From as little as £30 per cabinet, the kit is ideal for retailers looking for a quick and convenient method of monitoring the temperature of valuable stock – both on the shop floor, during transit and in the warehouse.

This new handheld product records the true temperature of consumables in cold cabinets, fridges and freezers - greatly reducing the incidence of false results which often occur during routine spot checks. The kit consists of a slim-line food simulant probe which sits inside the cabinet; this simulates the true temperature of the stock. When it’s time to record temperature, the robust MM2000 digital thermometer is plugged in for a more reliable result.

The versatility of the MM2000 thermometer which is compatible with a wide range of plug-in probes means that you can add to your kit with standard probes used for food deliveries such as a TA12 in between pallet probe or for liquid temperature testing, a TM03 immersion probe.

No more paper records

Also compatible with this kit, in place of the standard digital thermometer, you could opt for TME’s MM7000 Bluetooth Barcode thermometer instead. This thermometer which is unique to TME, can record and download to PC, PDA or smart phone up to 1,000 temperature readings including the identity of any product, appliance or location being monitored – a powerful capability by anyone’s standards.

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