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Supplying the Catering Equipment Market

Thursday, 11 April 2013 21:57:13 Europe/London

For this reason, the company has always adopted a flexible approach to supplying the catering equipment market – either direct to end-use customers or working in partnership with distributors, dealers and project houses, who bring their own considerable expertise to the table.

Thanks to our strong design and manufacturing base, TME products are always in tune with the main trends affecting food temperature monitoring. For exaple, modern food safety practices require a more sophisticated approach to traceability – there’s a growing expectation that temperature monitoring should more be more directly integrated with quality and logistics systems. TME has responded to this challenge with its development of new capabilities, like our MM7000 Bluetooth barcode thermometer - now at the forefront of intelligent handheld temperature monitoring - and with its willingness to work alongside other technology partners to develp new capabilities.

As a result, we have seen an increased in sales of the MM7000, which continues to attract considerable interest at the Hospitality, Hotelympia, Restaurant and Foodex shows. This is literally the cleverest handheld thermometer on the market – not only recording temperature, time and date, but also the unique identity of any food product, location or appliance – an ideal solution for goods inwards, batch processing and any truely paperless HACCP operation.

The success of this thermometer has been buoyed by TME’s launch of our new ThermaSprint manufacturing technology, now standard on all TME food thermometers and probes, specifically designed for busy chefs who are impatient with inferior thermometers that are slow to respond. The results are outstanding – an impressive 3 second response time which is up to 10 times faster than the competition. Combined with our trademark dish-washer safe probe handles, this is proving to be a winning combination in the kitchen.

As for new challenges, we know that for the forseeable future, all businesses will be faced with the twin pressures of reducing carbon footprint and driving down costs. This is a circle which can be squared: check out TME’s well-established Thermometer for Life scheme, designed to challenge the wasteful and expensive throw-away attitude towards light catering equipment - especially food thermometers – which we believe has been allowed to dictate the market for much too long.

MD, Tom Sensier, says: “Whatever the challenges, the guiding principle at TME is that all customers want the same thing: the best quality equipment at the best price. And put simply, that’s what TME is still all about – bringing new and innovative products to market, that offer robust design, quality manufacture and value for money.”

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