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Thermometer Recommendations for Food Manufacturing, Bakers and Confectioners

Thursday, 11 April 2013 22:17:07 Europe/London

TM Electronics have produced the SOLO, a distinctive hand-held thermometer with a revolutionary display that is very easy to use for technical and non-technical staff.

Never before have food quality, hygiene and safety standards been more important to the food industry.  Getting a quality product right in manufacture often relies on accurate temperature control and monitoring.  When it comes to retail, temperature is again a crucial factor.

Bakery products, sweet pastries, confectionary and ice creams are an important market.  With temperature playing such an important part in the baking process, reliable thermometers help to maintain distinct temperatures in different areas of the factory.  Close monitoring is also essential on hot bakery counters – and at the other end of the temperature scale, chilled counters displaying fresh or frozen cakes and ice creams. 

The SOLO thermometer meets all of these needs.  It’s a strong but light-weight instrument, with a smooth fold-out operation, ergonomic display panel, and simple temperature symbols for cooked, chilled or frozen zones.  A unique hygiene feature is the adjustable colour-code system – as with chopping boards each thermometer can be allocated to a different food group or risk area.   The smooth contours and easy-wipe surface also allow for easy cleaning in demanding food preparation areas.

The versatile SOLO is designed to suit a wide range of food applications.  Customers can choose from either a fixed fast-response needle sensor or high specification plug-in probes for air, surface, immersion or penetration temperature measurement.

TM Electronics has been manufacturing temperature equipment in the UK for over 15 years, with a reputation for groundbreaking design and reliability.    

As well as the new SOLO, TME’s standard instruments range includes the high specification MM2000 family – truly water-proof instruments which offer excellent value for money.  The company also prides itself on tailored application solutions, offering  more than 600 different probes and sensors. 

Managing Director, Tom Sensier, believes the market is ready for something with even wider appeal, without compromising on accuracy:  “The SOLO is so user-friendly, it’s easier to use than my mobile phone!  What’s more, it’s realistic price tag makes it ideal for small-scale businesses as well as big-name operators.  These days every one needs a low cost, reliable method of monitoring food temperature – and this is it!”

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