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A Revolution in Temperature Monitoring

Saturday, 20 April 2013 16:37:19 Europe/London

The MM7000 is equipped with an integral barcode reader to record and store not only time, temperature and date but also the unique identity of any food product, cold store or sentinel point - even running water from a tap! Imagine storing up to 1,000 records which you can then download to PC or PDA. Open source software included – all for just £375.

TME is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of temperature equipment. We stock an exciting range of high accuracy instruments and sensors, including IP67 waterproof thermometers, robust data loggers and a huge variety of probes – from dishwasher-safe handhelds to quick-fit terminal blocks and fine wire sensors.

For volume purchasing ask about TME’s Thermometer for Life Scheme offering guaranteed low-cost maximum repair costs and ‘green’ purchasing and servicing packages.

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