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The New SOLO - a Thermometer for Life

Saturday, 20 April 2013 18:08:36 Europe/London

Managing Director, Tom Sensier says: “Our all-new SOLO represents amazing value for money, offering caterers advanced features, green options and the unique opportunity to buy a thermometer for life.”

Amazing value

The SOLO’s price tag has been held at just £45 - the most affordable quality handheld available.

Advanced features

  • new super-strong construction on swing-out probe arm
  • improved water-resistance
  • belt holster or wall-mount facility


Affordable quality

The SOLO remains the most ergonomic handheld thermometer on the market, thanks to its unique face-on display, quick-view temperature symbols and super-fast response time. This compact handheld consistently punches above its weight when it comes to quality; with an accuracy of ±0.5°C across its entire measurement range, it’s difficult to beat.

The SOLO is also the only handheld thermometer with a simple yet effective method of preventing cross-contamination. Every thermometer contains as standard a variable colour band (as with chopping boards) which can be pre-set by the customer, making the expense of ordering and stocking multiple thermometers in different colour-ways a thing of the past.

Thermometer for Life scheme

At TME we make quality thermometers with a long life, supported by attractive repair/renewal contracts. We beleive that in the current economic climate this must be preferable to accepting a high turnover of equipment, sourced cheaply often from abroad. It also offers organisations an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint while still saving money. Our scheme offers:

  • Confidence in the TME brand –robust, quality thermometers that are built to last
  • A life-time guarantee –low-cost maximum repair/replacement charges in addition to a standard 2 year warranty 
  • UK based design, manufacture and repair – which means less environmental impact and more traceability
  • Optional service agreements – hassle-free monthly service schemes, reducing overheads and improving continuity
  • Help going green – great deals on rechargable batteries and charger packs

For more information about the all-new SOLO, TME’s many other temperature products and our new Thermometer for Llife scheme, or  to request a free catalogue by email - tel 01903 700651



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