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Climate Control – Retail Temperature

Saturday, 20 April 2013 19:33:36 Europe/London

Cutting edge design, streamlined manufacturing methods and a deep knowledge of diverse temperature applications are the three elements placing TME in an unparalleled position to tackle climate control in the retail industry.

From shop floor essentials like fridges, freezers and hot food counters to in-store bakeries and cafes, warehousing, storage and delivery - TME has the products and expertise required.


For 20 years, TME has consistently demonstrated an innovative, customer-led approach. Getting to grips with the detailed requirements of a particular temperature application comes first. “There’s no room for a ‘one size fits all’ mentality,” explains Managing Director, Tom Sensier says: “We prefer a more imaginitive, customer-led approach - designing bespoke products and developing tailor-made servicing models.”

Strong foundations

TME’s approach is founded on its strong design and manufacturing capability which enables the company to deliver on value. “Our design knowhow, cost-conscious sourcing and tight manufacturing controls ensure that a TME solution is not likely to be the most expenisve one!”

Quality design

All TME equipment is characterised by quality, functional design, ensuring long-lasting performance at the highest levels. There is a strong emphasis on accuracy and speed - all thermometers and thermocouples deliver a system accuracy of +/- 0.5 degrees C combined with a very fast response time. This degree of accuracy is vital for food safety regulations including HACCP.

Exciting design features

Added value is a key feature of TME designs – always with a view to providing customers with the solutions they need to some of their most difficult applications.

The company has been an industry leader in this area, delivering high performance features like waterproof casings as standard, encapsulated thermocouple handles, dishwasher-safe probes, ergonomic display panels, non-complex and inexpensive anti-contamination features and refrigerated food simulant blocks.

Unrivalled Service and repair

TME’s service and repair contracts are second to none in the temperature industry. Instruments are manufactured on site, giving us complete control over quality of components and assembly, allowing the company to operate an excellent service back-up. TME is the only company in the industry to offer a life-time flat-rate repair charge on all its instruments.

Customers with multiple retail outlets can enjoy even greater security by opting for a next-day replacement service – a particularly popular option for large chain operations where minimising break-downs with the resulting loss of revenue and potential food safety risks are absolutely key.

New capabilities

TME’s design team is always one step ahead, developing new ways to achieve temperature monitoring which combines new technologies with common sense know-how.

The Revolutionary MM7000 ThermoBar is the newest edition to the already groundbreaking MM range – a handheld thermometer with integral barcode reader and Bluetooth. This revolutionary thermometer which reads barcodes has a unique portable logging capability: to record not only temperature, time and date but also identity - eliminating paper records and reducing double handling of data. Combining barcode and Bluetooth technologies in one easy-to-use device, it can monitor any food product, production menu or appliance, storing up to 250 readings before downloading the data to PC, mobile phone or PDA. 

Easy to use

Assign a barcode to whatever product or appliance your are monitoring. Use existing manufacturers’ barcodes or create new ones free online for any food product, production menu or appliance. The free software supplied ‘translates’ each barcode into words, so you can easily identify and respond to alerts on ‘out of temperature’ food items or appliances like fridges, freezers and ovens.


The MM7000 works with conventional plug-in probes and most PDA systems. Free software is compatible for export to all usual database systems. Managing Director, Tom Sensier, says: “The MM7000 is the retailer’s uultimate proof of due diligence - from delivery, storage and warehousing right through to the shop floor and in-store catering. And from just £375 including software, it won’t break the bank.”

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