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Temperature Monitoring Solution for Blood Banks and Laboratories

Saturday, 20 April 2013 20:32:28 Europe/London

The MM7000 ThermoBar Scan offers a genuinely new, portable logging capability - to scan and record not just temperature, time and date but also the identity of any item scanned. It has been designed to satisfy the growing demand for due diligence in temperature safety; records must be up to date and verifiable – a time-consuming task, vulnerable to human error.

Combining barcode and bluetooth technologies with accurate temperature measurement, the MM7000 downloads data remotely to a computer, mobile phone or PDA without the need for expensive wireless monitoring systems.

This compact, handheld device builds on the fast-response thermocouple technology utilised by TME’s MM2000 Series of thermometers, and is compatible with all TME temperature probes. Added to this, is the universal nature of barcodes – readily applied to any product or appliance such as fridges, freezers, cold stores and ovens.

The MM7000 should appeal to both small businesses and large scale operations; an accurate temperature monitoring and auditing tool, it helps to reduce waste arising from spoilt goods, eliminates time-consuming record-keeping and offers sophisticated data handling at an affordable cost.

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