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Temperature Monitoring Solutions for Frozen and Chilled Foods

Saturday, 20 April 2013 23:05:36 Europe/London

Businesses looking to streamline processing, storage or transport of frozen and chilled goods need look no further than TME’s versatile range of thermometers, probes and data logging systems.

  • Easy to use, Bluetooth logging thermometers with TME’s unique Barcode recording system. Offering completely paperless recording and individual product/location recognition. TME’s MM7000 series covers everything from Goods Inwards to Despatch, and its compatible Bluetooth printer also allows for the production of immediate temperature delivery receipts if preferred.


  • Specialist frozen and chilled food probes like TME’s heavy duty frozen food corkscrew probe for easy penetration and best-selling flat food probes for fast measurements in between pallets.


  • Cold Storage Temperature Kits using slimline food simulant probes which sit inside the cabinet to simulate the true temperature of consumables. A quick and easy way to reduce the incidence of false results when cabinet doors are opened and closed.


  • New Rapid Response needle probes with integrated ThermaSprint Technology. Dishwasher-safe and with a response time of just 3 seconds – up to 10 times faster than conventional probes.

And don’t forget to ask about TME’s Thermometer for Life pledge. Break it, beat it, bash it – TME don’t mind! Spend just £95 on its best-selling MM2000 thermometer and you’ll never pay more than £35 to repair/ replace it – great value for money.

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