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Taking the Temperature - Infection Control

Sunday, 21 April 2013 11:14:21 Europe/London

UK manufacturers, TM Electronics, supply solutions for logging all temperatures – from the temperature of water in taps and pipes to internal dishwasher cycles and individual plated meals.

TME’s MM7000 contains an integral barcode scanner, enabling it to record not only time, temperature and date but also the unique identity of any item - ideal for water temperature testing to prevent the spread of Legionnaires’ disease and equally useful for testing food items, hot ovens and cold stores for HACCP food safety compliance.

The device can store up to 1,000 readings at a time, and its Bluetooth facility enables the user to download these to a PC, PDA or mobile for monitoring and interrogation. No need for expensive wireless monitoring systems, and a much better solution than paper records traditionally vulnerable to human error and false reporting.

 Flexibility is the key thanks to TME’s huge range of compatible probes eg

MD, Tom Sensier, says: “Hospitals and care homes already know accurate temperature monitoring helps fight bacteria. TME provides the practical solutions they need to make the job easier and to get it done more quickly.”

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