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Save Money on Multiple Cold Store Monitoring

Sunday, 21 April 2013 11:24:19 Europe/London

No more false results – no waiting around

A compact food simulator sits inside the cabinet, simulating true food temperature while you get on with something else. When it’s time to make your checks, simply plug in the waterproof digital thermometer for a fast, accurate result. The kit also includes a plug-to-plug connection lead and log book.

Save money

TME’s new kit is compatible with standard probes used for cooking or food deliveries, reducing overall equipment spend, and it offers a system that grows with your business.


No more paper

For more streamlined recording, the kit is also compatible with TME’s MM7000 Bluetooth Barcode thermometer, which can download to PC, PDA or mobile phone up to 1,000 temperature results - including unique location identity.

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