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TME’s Legionnaire’s Kit - Compliance with ACOP

Sunday, 21 April 2013 11:39:23 Europe/London

The legionella bacterium is usually found in stagnant ponds, cooling towers, evaporation condensers, air conditioning and industrial cooling systems, humidifiers, spa baths and hot and cold water systems.  Water temperature is a key factor as it multiplies in water temperature between 20-45 ºC. 

Temperature experts, TM Electronics have responded with a Legionnaire’s kit – a simple and convenient way to test the temperature of standing water. 

Previously systems using less than 300 litres were excluded from legislation but the revised Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) issued by the Government’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) now applies to all hot and cold water systems in the workplace regardless of their capacity. 

This means that all employers who manage premises with hot/cold water systems and/or wet cooling systems now have a legal responsibility to identify any risk of contamination and to prevent or control it.

The TME legionella water kit can be used to monitor the temperature of both standing water and the surface of pipes and tanks that form part of a water system.  It consists of a waterproof, digital handheld thermometer, temperature probes, a log book and information booklet – all stored in a handy carrying case.

A number of local authorities are already using the water kit in libraries, schools, swimming pools – even a mortuary.  Typical risk areas are residential accommodation managed by local authorities, universities, private landlords, managing agents, hoteliers and holiday accommodation providers, including B&B, guest house and camping and caravan site owners.

People most at risk are people over 45, smokers and heavy drinkers, diabetics and people who are already ill - particularly with chronic diseases or whose immune system is impaired.  Therefore, hospitals, nursing and care homes, housing associations, charities and hostels may also find this equipment very useful.

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