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The SOLO – Ideal for Fast Food and Take-Away Restaurants

Sunday, 21 April 2013 11:44:46 Europe/London

That’s why TM Electronics has produced the SOLO – a quick and reliable way of checking food temperature, which combines quality AND affordability.  With its sleek good-looks and practicality, this equipment can be used with confidence right up to the table, whilst still maintaining your quality ‘front of house’ image.

The SOLO combines thermometer and fold-way probe in a single unit, battery-powered with no trailing wires.  Its unique eye-friendly display is exactly where you need it to be, with universal temperature symbols which can be understood by all staff, and a hygienic, wipe-clean surface. 

The SOLO is very fast and accurate, making it ideal for quick spot checks on a variety of foods – like savouries kept warm in heated cabinets, meat cooked on spits or in hot ovens and hot dishes and sauces reheated in a microwave.  It can check the temperature of frozen or chilled foods in storage, and the adjustable colour band can be pre-set to help reduce cross-contamination between risk areas like raw and cooked meats.

You can order your SOLO quickly and easily over the ‘phone or by internet. Contact TM Electronics (UK) Ltd on (01903) 700651 or email

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