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Thermometer For Life

Wednesday, 28 August 2013 14:25:45 Europe/London

TME’s Thermometer for Life scheme tackles the throw-away mentality associated with thermometer use in many of today’s industries. At TME we make quality thermometers with a long life, giving good service over many years. So why do some organisations accept a high turnover of equipment, buying cheap imported thermometers which they expect to throw away and replace within a short period of time?

As well as being an inefficient use of resources, such practice is harmful to the environment, resulting in more waste and increased use of natural resources through additional manufacturing output and distribution. End result – a bigger carbon footprint all round. And who wants that?

If your organisation is looking for a reduced carbon footprint, with all the benefits of greater efficiency and real savings - TME has the solutions.

Confidence in the TME brand – we offer robust, quality thermometers that are built to last


A life-time guarantee – we offer low-cost maximum repair/ replacement charges in addition to a standard 2 year warranty


UK based design, manufacture and repair – which means less environmental impact and more traceability


Optional service agreements – we offer hassle-free monthly service schemes, reducing overheads and improving continuity


Help going green – we offer great deals on rechargable batteries and charger packs


When choosing your thermometers compare our solutions and our prices – you won’t be disappointed!

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