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School Premises Managers Use TC Wall Port

Thursday, 11 April 2013 21:03:49 Europe/London

The TC Wall Port is a thermocouple temperature sensor monitoring point which can be conveniently wall-mounted – perfect for areas where spot checks are necessary on a test point with difficult or impaired access. This allows temperatures to be taken by simply ‘plugging’ a standard thermocouple thermometer into the wall port – much easier and less time-consuming than dismantling boxing below sinks or using ladders to access covered tanks. 

Main features

The new device is primarily designed for use with fine wire probes which are attached to the temperature test point and left in-situ. These wires are then run to the port – a small white box measuring just 52 x 52mm – which is screwed to the wall, providing an unobtrusive and easy to install solution.


  • Boxed-in TMVs – no need to access the valve each time to check hot water temperature.
  • Pipework including boiler flow and return points.
  • Water Storage Tanks (with immersion probe)
  • High-level test points - avoid using ladders and Working at Height restrictions.
  • Remote measurement of cold storage, environmentally sensitive rooms or hazardous areas.

The new device can be used with other thermocouple sensors such as TME’s Velcro, Magnetic, Rubber Patch and Immersion Probes. Also, the front cover is recessed to take an ID or barcode label for use with TME’s MM7000 Bluetooth Barcode logging thermometer if required.

The TC Wall Port is the newest in a range of innovative products developed by TME specifically to support water temperature monitoring and remote monitoring of sensitive or hazardous environments. The company has led the way in producing robust, waterproof equipment and portable kits to improve on reliability and convenience. It’s also unique in offering an advanced Bluetooth Barcode logging system, recording not only the temperature, time and date of each test but also the unique location of every pipe, tap or calorifier downloaded to PC, PDA or smart phone.

Sensitive, application-led solutions are at the heart of TME design, explains MD, Tom Sensier. “Listening to those at the sharp end of water temperature monitoring, has enabled us to come up with designs that solve actual problems experienced on the ground.”

TME’s dual surface/immersion probe routinely halves the time required on site and also eliminates the need to switch from immersion probe to surface probe. And Our MM2000 thermometers are so robust they will last for years – literally: the current record is 17 years and counting!”

Save money with a Thermometer For Life

Schools looking to control their spending can take advantage of TME’s Thermometer for Life promise, which guarantees to always repair or replace with new any MM2000 thermometer damaged by the customer themselves – in any way – for no more than £35. And this lifetime guarantee is on top of the normal 2 year manufacturer’s warranty – an unbeatable offer that’s difficult to match.

Did You Know?

To prevent an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, hot water in a building should be stored above 60°C and distributed above 50°C, and cold water distributed below 20°C. Older buildings, facilities with a large number of water outlets present and accommodation used by vulnerable groups like the elderly are those which present the most risk.

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