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Chef thermometers for Sous Vide, Sugar Work and Ice Cream

Thursday, 11 April 2013 21:19:15 Europe/London

Quality thermometers are essential for today’s forward-thinking chef’s, looking to use more ambitious cooking techniques, while maintaining food safety, reducing waste and controlling costs. TME’s modern range of catering thermometers and food probes are high-accuracy, HACCP compliant, UK-built – and made to last.

“It’s really quite simple,” says MD, Tom Sensier. “We only manufacture quality designs, ensuring long-lasting equipment at an affordable price.”

Chef’s choice – TME’s pocket SOLO thermometer won’t break the bank at just £45, but its impressive 3 seconds response, ergonomic face-on display and anti-cross contamination indicator add plenty of value. 

Or for something even more robust, choose the IP67 waterproof MM2000 and enjoy an unbeatable Thermometer for Life guarantee which means you’ll never pay more than £35 for a new thermometer ever again! 

Transform your food safety protocols and reduce food waste with the clever MM7000 Bluetooth Barcode thermometer, which tracks every food item, location or appliance – a sophisticated logging system from just £375.

Versatile probes are a TME speciality: the dishwasher-safe TP05 needle probe is built with ThermaSprint technology, again delivering that impressive 3 second response. And the ingenious TFS01 simulant probe mimics the actual temperature of food in your cold store – which is not always what you think! Monitor multiple cold stores from as little as £132.50.

And finally, for extra peace of mind, consider a handy temperature kit your EHO will love! TME’s fine-needled sous-vide kit offers a quality waterproof thermometer, dishwasher-safe fine-needle probe, self-sealing foam tape, sous vide manual and record book, all contained within a neat carry case – and all for just £135. A must-have purchase for all sous vide cooks who want the reassurance they are serving quality food which is safe.

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