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ThermaSprint from TME - the fastest temperature probes on the market

Wednesday, 28 August 2013 11:33:12 Europe/London

Building on its well-established and robust encapsulated handled design, TME’s newest innovation, ThermaSprint technology – only available from TME - combines both speed and strength to produce the fastest, strongest probe around.

These new super-fast temperature probes deliver faster results than ever before, thanks to a completely new manufacturing method which allows the sensing element of the probe to become an integral part of the needle, producing an extremely fast time response for all product temperature measurements.

The advantages speak for themselves – a fantastic 3 second response time - up to 10 times faster than conventional probes. ThermaSprint technology is not only available with all standard width needle probes like TME’s best-selling TP05 but also across a wide range of needle types, designs and diameters. So look out for this new technology at work for more sophisticated and bespoke applications such as TME’s extended length TP06 probe, the small diameter TP04 probe, and the reduced tip TP11 probe.

ThermaSprint probes are fully compatible with TME’s MM2000 (IP67) waterproof handheld thermometer. And finally, for chefs and caterers looking for a handy pocket digital which will give them fast results with no fuss - TME’s handheld SOLO thermometer with fold-away needle probe is powered with ThermaSprint technology too.

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