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TME Showcase New Legionella Probe at Healthcare Estates 2017

Wednesday, 9 August 2017 10:03:59 Europe/London



TME Showcase New Legionella Probe at Healthcare Estates 2017

10-11 October 2017 @ Manchester Central


British thermometer manufacture, TME, has chosen one of Manchester’s key hospital management conferences to showcase an innovative new shower probe for the prevention of Legionnaires’ disease. TME will exhibit the new probe alongside its specialist legionella range at Healthcare Estates 2017, on 10-11 October @ Manchester Central (Stand E48).

Many thousands of water tests are undertaken every year in UK hospitals to prevent the spread of legionella, a water-borne bacteria which can develop in hot water and heating systems, creating a particular risk for water from taps and especially from showers.

TME’s new KM08 Shower Probe has an inbuilt collection ‘cup’ which can also sense temperature, enabling an engineer to collect a shower water sample whilst simultaneously taking a temperature. It is estimated this will at least halve the amount of time taken for such tests, which currently involve a two-stage process of collection and then testing.

MD, Tom Sensier: “TME’s new Shower Probe is faster, more practical and also more accurate as it eliminates any time delay between collecting and testing shower water.”

 Why are showers so important?

Legionnaires’ disease is contracted by inhalation of fine water droplets or spray which has been contaminated with legionella. This makes water from shower heads a particular focus.

Why is water temperature so important?

Legionella bacterium multiplies in water temperatures between 20-45 degrees C so risk so once method of reducing risk is to maintain an effective water temperature testing regime.

Why does legionella need to be prevented?

If unchecked, this bacteria can lead to outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease, a potentially fatal disease for people with a compromised immune system, children and the elderly.

 TME Legionella Range

Given the hundreds of water outlets - especially taps and showers – in a typical hospital, and also the potential vulnerability of hospital patients, IHEEM visitors and delegates regularly ask TME for new solutions for speeding up and simplifying legionella risk management. Other innovative solutions already produced by TME include:


“Our aim at TME - as always - is to offer systems and equipment specifically designed to get the job done faster, more efficiently and with accurate results you can rely on.”

 TME When temperature matters

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