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Quick and easy legionella prevention for less than £25

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 17:38:25 Europe/London

TC Wall Port System

Did you know?
According to HSE guidelines, to prevent an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, water should be supplied at at least 60°C from the heat source, and should return to the source from each water circulating loop at at least 50°C (or 55°C in healthcare premises). All individual outlets should reach 50°C (or 55°C in healthcare premises) within one minute of turning on the tap. Cold water should be distributed below 20°C.

Who is at risk?
Older buildings, facilities with a large number of water outlets and accommodation used by vulnerable groups like the elderly or people with a reduced or impaired immune system are those which present the most risk.

The problem
Depending on the number of showers, taps and water tanks present, a reliable legionella control regime could require thousands of temperature tests every year. Taking temperatures from running taps is straightforward but boxed-in pipes and TMV’s can be awkward and time consuming as are tanks located at high level or in confined spaces.

Boxed-in TMVs

The TME solution
TME’s innovative TC Wall Port System speeds up temperature checks on sentinel points, pipes, mixer valves, calorifiers and cold water tanks. Easy-to-use kits combine accurate thermometers with discrete, wall-mounted thermocouple monitoring points for immediate temperature readings up to 20 metres away with no loss of accuracy.

Water Tank


Main Applications

  • Boxed-in TMVs – no need to access the valve each time to check hot water temperature.
  • Pipework including boiler flow and return points.
  • Water Storage Tanks (with special immersion probe)
  • High-level test points - avoid using ladders and Working at Height restrictions.
  • Remote measurement of cold storage, environmentally sensitive rooms or hazardous areas.


How does the system work?
This system uses a low-cost fine wire temperature sensor, attached to the temperature test point (pipe, valve etc) and left in-situ. The wire is then run to the TC Wall Port, sited in a convenient position. Temperature is read by plugging a thermometer into the port. Compatible thermometers include TME’s MM2000 or for paperless recording our MM7000 ThermoBarScan. For water tanks, the KM07 immersion probe is also ideal. See attached information sheet.

The products that make up the TC Wall Port System


The Wall Port
The new device is a thermocouple temperature sensor monitoring point which can be conveniently mounted to facilitate spot checks on any test point with difficult or impaired access. The port is designed for use with fine wire probes which are attached to the temperature test point and left in-situ. These wires are then run to the port – a wall-mounted, small white box measuring just 52 x 52mm. This allows temperatures to be taken by simply ‘plugging’ a standard thermocouple thermometer into the wall port – much easier and less time-consuming than dismantling boxing below sinks or using ladders to access covered tanks, necessitating working at height.  


The Fine Wire
When using the TC Wall Port, a fine wire probe is run from the port to a temperature testing point. The KA01 Fine Wire Probe is a simple sensor which can be attached to anything from a pipe to a calorifier. The probe comes in a variety of lengths up to 20m, so, however far away a temperature test point is, the TC Wall Port System can monitor it.


For the measurement of water tanks, the KM07 Water Tank Immersion Probe can be immersed in the tank and stay there permanently, enabling the remote monitoring of water tank temperature. The KM07 is also available up to 20m in length, so even if your water tank is in the roof or attic, you can still monitor its’ temperature accurately using the TC Wall Port System

Remarkably cost-effective
The TC Wall Port System is an affordable option. Got a problem test point in mind? With our standard wall port equipment you could simplify your legionella prevention regime for less than £25 including VAT.

Handy Extras

The Connection Cable
If you are using the TC Wall Port System, you will need a connection cable. TME’s KMPC1MP Connection Cable plugs into the two-pin plug at the front of the Wall Port at one end, and to the identical plug in your thermometer at the other. Now you’re ready to take your remote temperature readings.

The Dual Purpose Probe
Most water temperature spot checks require testing of running water (from a pipe or shower), and testing of surface temperature of a pipe (For a calorifier or TMV). When the test points are easy to access, both of these jobs can be carried out using TME’s KS16-S Dual Purpose Probe. This strong and durable probe is able to carry out both surface and immersion temperature testing, giving facilities managers an all-in-one solution to water temperature spot checks.


The Thermometers
If you’re planning on carrying out water temperature tests, you’ll need a thermometer! Below are two of TME’s bestselling digital thermocouple thermometers, which are compatible with all TME probes.

The MM2000

TME’s bestselling thermometer, the MM2000 Handheld Thermometer, is a single-input, IP67 waterproof digital thermometer which is both highly accurate and cost-effective. All MM2000 Thermometers are entered into the Thermometer for Life scheme, which guarantees to replace/repair any thermometer you break for no more than £35.


The MM7000

For complete paperless recording, the MM7000 ThermoBar Scan Thermometer can record and download not only temperature, time and date but also the unique location of every pipe, tap or calorifier tested. This is possible through its’ integrated barcode scanner. Downloads are made via the inbuilt Bluetooth technology, to any PC, PDA, tablet or smartphone. Keeping accurate, reliable records of every test point will considerably reduce the risk of the spread of legionella in your facility.



Trust the experts
The TC Wall Port System is the most recent in a range of innovative products developed specifically by TM Electronics to support water temperature monitoring, and remote monitoring of sensitive or hazardous environments. The company leads the field in producing robust, waterproof equipment and portable kits to improve on reliability and convenience.

For more information on TME thermometers and probes for legionella monitoring, contact the Sales Team on 01903 700651,                                                                            

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