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New Food Kit Gives Start-ups a Helping Hand

Tuesday, 25 February 2014 15:02:23 Europe/London

What’s the solution?

TME’s new monitoring kit is ideal for small restaurants, cafes, kitchens and business start-ups. Its unbeatable price tag of just £150 includes everything needed to facilitate instant readings on the actual temperature of food as well as the ambient temperature within the appliance.

How does it work?

By using the Food Temp Starter Kit (FSK1), there’s no need to enter/open the appliance to check the food temperature; just leave one of the probes supplied permanently inside. For freezing or chilling choose the Cold Food Simulant Probe or for cooking or smoking, the High Temperature Fine Wire Probe. These are connected to the Thermocouple Wall Port, a remote testing point which can be placed up to 20 m away. When you are ready to check the temperature, simply plug the kit’s best-selling MM2000 thermometer into the wall port for a quick and accurate response. 

Need to take a closer look?

For general food-safety around the kitchen – the new kit is also supplied with TME’s TP05 fast-response needle probe for testing the core temperature of any food or beverage during preparation and cooking.

MD, Tom Sensier: “All the basic requirements for food temperature testing and monitoring are now available in just one kit – and all for only £150. It makes perfect sense for start-ups, small businesses or any company looking to control costs across a number of outlets.”


Kit Features

MM2000 Handheld Waterproof Thermometer

A high accuracy thermometer which is IP67 waterproof and safe for HACCP.

TP05 Fast-response Needle Probe

 For monitoring the core temperature of semi-solid food products and liquids – dishwasher-safe and with ThermaSprint technology.

TFS01 Cold Food Simulant Probe

Simulates the true temperature of food items when placed in a cold appliance.

TA02 High Temperature Fine Wire Probe

A heat resistant fibreglass insulated sensor for monitoring in-oven temperatures up to 400°C.

TCWALLPORT Thermocouple Wall Port 

Miniature, wall-mounted temperature testing point for remote testing up to 20 m away.

Kit also includes all necessary cable connectors and manual.

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