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New Temperature Technology Delivers the Best Results

Friday, 4 April 2014 11:42:08 Europe/London

A major new upgrade to TME’s MM7000 Barcode thermometer delivers the best results for restaurants, food manufacturers and supermarkets, who want to take early action to improve food temperature safety and to prevent out of temperature food waste. Users can now programme all their instruments with high or low alarm values, giving them the tools they need to take instant action, rather than only receiving alerts after the event.

The new MM7000 alarm thermometer will be demonstrated on TME’s stand (1310) at Hotelympia 2014 (NEC Birmingham, 28th April – 1st May).

How does it work?

The MM7000 allows users to set their own critical alarm values indicating a Low and High alarm for every food item or appliance – such as a cold store or oven. This alarm value is linked with the unique barcode for the corresponding food item or appliance. When the temperature is taken, the device automatically scans the barcode, and then displays an instant signal indicating a Low or High alarm, so that remedial action can be quickly taken. As with a conventional logger, the device has also recorded the actual temperature, together with the time and date of each test, and for complete due diligence the unique serial number of the device itself. The device is supplied with its own open-source software so that this information can then be downloaded to a computer file for interrogation and analysis.

More streamlined

For large businesses, programming multiple instruments is easy. The new design allows for the creation of a master file containing all critical alarm values relevant to their business - a practical method which helps to maintain standards across the whole organisation.

Why use barcodes?

  • Barcodes can be displayed on any product, appliance, test point or ‘menu’.
  • Barcodes can be generated easily using standard software and print fonts
  • Barcodes can be 100% bespoke – better than arbitrary, pre-set product descriptions
  • Barcodes capture data immediately – a much faster option than scrolling through countless pre-set product descriptions.


Food-safe, accurate, robust

The M7000 still has all the quality you would expect from a thermometer manufactured by temperature experts, TM Electronics: it’s fast, robust and used with a type ‘T’ thermocouple food probe, offers a HACCP compliant measurement system giving ±0.5 °C accuracy.

Summary of benefits

  • Restaurants - chefs and caterers can respond far more quickly to potentially unsafe food temperatures when taking deliveries, regenerating meals or during cooking.
  • Food manufacturers – identify and track critical temperatures during all kinds of processing, including in-oven testing, to make spoilt batches a thing of the past.
  • Supermarkets – an invaluable early warning of a failing cold store as well as tracking the actual temperature of every fresh or frozen food item on display.


MD, Tom Sensier:  “Barcodes are definitely the way forward – not only enhancing due diligence but also offering greater flexibility and practicality.  Together with the MM7000’s accuracy and robust manufacture, it’s designed to offer users the very best results.”                                                                                   

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