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TME Thermocouples comply with new BSI Standard

Friday, 14 March 2014 09:05:42 Europe/London

Who are BSI?

BSI, or the British Standards Institution, is a multinational standards provider which defines best practice in many different areas of business. One of the areas covered is manufacturing, and within manufacturing, BSI define standards for the manufacture of thermometers and probes.

What is a standard?

A standard is the agreed method of doing something by which manufacturers must comply in order to keep consumer confidence and a universal product. BSI standards are produced by technical committees, made up of representatives of industry bodies, research and testing organisations, government and consumers.

What does this new standard cover?

The new standard, BS EN 60584-1, can be viewed on the BSI website, here: The standard concerns all thermocouples, including the popular K and T types.

What’s changing?

For the common thermocouple types, essentially nothing. TME thermocouples already comply with this new standard, therefore no changes need to be made to the manufacturing of TME thermocouple thermometers or probes. This means that TME thermocouple thermometers or probes customers have purchased in the past do not need to be replaced or updated; they’re already completely up to date with the new standard.


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