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Princess Elizabeth Hospital – Transforming legionella risk management

Hospital Entrance


Guernsey Hospitals adopt TC Wall Port System

Imagine being able to achieve water temperature testing of hard-to-access pipes, tanks and thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) without the need to either remove panels or work at height.

Add to this, very low unit costs, instant results and a choice of manual or paperless recording options, and you can begin to see the attraction for hospitals estates managers faced with the daily challenge of legionella risk management compliance.

Read the Princess Elizabeth Hospital Case Study Here



Radisson Blu - Food safety in a flash

Food and Wine


Radisson Blu adopt MM7000 Combined Temperature Monitoring System

Imagine instantly recording the temperature of everything in your kitchen: fridges, freezers, ovens, food deliveries - even an individual burger or plated meal - all in a flash: no need to write anything down or key in data, just scan a barcode and move on.

Add to this, the knowledge you will receive instant alerts to out of temperature events across multiple sites, and you begin to see the potential of TME’s MM7000 Combined Temperature Monitoring System.

Read the Radisson Blu Case Study Here