About Us

TM Electronics (TME) is a family run UK business, based in Worthing, West Sussex, founded by Managing Director Tom Sensier in 1990, with Sales & Marketing Director, Danielle Sensier joining the company in 2004. Everyone at TME is passionate about thermometry, from the enthusiastic sales team to the expert manufacturing and design staff.

From its new premises in Goring-by-Sea near Worthing, TME designs, manufactures and supplies temperature sensors, thermometers and probes across all sectors, from food manufacture  and hospitality, to building and facilities management, to industrial manufacturing and even scientific or laboratory testing.


TME has a proven reputation for technical innovation and quality in thermal test and measurement equipment. TME specialize in robust, waterproof, handheld thermometers and probes that are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including: food safety, water temperature monitoring for legionella risk prevention, heating, refrigeration and ventilation.

Applications include:

• Food retail, manufacturing and distribution

• Catering

• Facilities Management

• HACCP Food Safety

• Legionella water temperature testing

• Heating and ventilation (HVAC)

• Air conditioning

• Refrigeration

• Industrial temperature monitoring

• Calibration and repair


TME’s extensive range of easy-to-use temperature measurement instruments have incredibly high accuracy, strong, functional design and robust manufacture.

The extensive digital thermometer range includes:

• Thermocouple thermometers

• PT100 thermometers

• Thermistor thermometers

• Catering thermometers

• Dual input thermometers

• Barcode scanning thermometers

• Thermometers with attached needle probes

• Waterproof and wireless data loggers

• IP67-waterproof thermometers (with protective rubber boot)

• Calibrating thermometers

• Wall-mounted thermometers

• Bench thermometers

• Printing thermometers

• Large LED display thermometers

• Infrared thermometers



Alongside these thermometers are a wide variety of compatible temperature probes and sensors, available as thermocouple sensors, thermistor sensors and PT100 sensors, including:

• Dishwasher-safe probes

• Air temperature probes

• Immersion probes• Surface temperature probes

• Needle probes and penetration probes

• Fine wire probes

• Quick-connect probes

• Pipe clamp probes

• Rubber patch probes

• Velcro probes

• Food simulant probes

• Pallet/box probes

• Platinum resistance probes

• Wide range of thermocouple types to choose from

CLEGK1 Budget Legionella kit

At TME we believe that temperature measurement should be accurate, convenient and affordable. Our comprehensive selection of portable, compact kits allows users to cover general or specific temperature measurement needs with one purchase. Kits include:

• General purpose kits

• Legionella kits

• Facilities management kits

• Wall mount kits

• Cold storage monitoring kits

• Food kits

• Sous vide kits

• HVAC kits

• Infrared Calibration kits 



With a long held reputation for innovative temperature equipment that combines high accuracy and efficient ergonomic design, TME have developed significant improvements in temperature measurement and recording – raising performance and driving down costs.

Innovations include:

TME MM7000-2D with QR Code Example

The MM7000-2D ThermoBar Scan Barcode Thermometer:

The MM7000-2D ThermoBar Scan Barcode Thermometer: With user set alarms that allow safety managers to set alarm values at chosen temperatures that relate to specific items or locations. This provides paperless recording for due diligence, as well as alerting staff to critical temperatures at the point of measurement to reduce risk and protect stock. The unique barcode function records not only temperature, time and date of the test but also the individual identity of the product or appliance tested – from an individual plated meal to a walk in cold store. Data can be downloaded via either Bluetooth technology or, with the MM7005-2D, via USB port.


The TC Wall Port: This thermocouple wall port allows remote measurement of a hard to access temperature point from up to 20m away via fine wires running from a pipe, water tank or cold storage unit. Simply plug in your thermometer for an instant reading – no need to work at height or dismantle boxing during spot checks. Great for preventing the spread of Legionnaires’ disease and the legionella bacteria.



Thermasprint TechnologyTME needle probes are manufactured with unique, super-fast ThermaSprint technology, which has an unbeatable 3 second response time – up to 10 times faster than average.


Along with constantly working towards innovative new products and services, TME is also proud to offer a bespoke design service. Over the last two decades this service has produced hundreds of special temperature sensors and instruments for a wide range of different applications, ranging from photocopiers to steel foundries.

At TME, the emphasis is on ensuring that customers have the right product for their individual requirements. The friendly, enthusiastic sales team offer expert, no-obligation advice on problem applications, as well as working both with suppliers and distributors in all markets.


TME offer a quality all round service, from helping customers choose the right product for each individual application, to providing first class after sales advice.

Ask a member of the sales team for more information on TME’s unbeatable repairs and calibration service, including Thermometer for Life, a unique maximum £35 repair/replacement guarantee on all MM2000 thermometers.

A client base that includes many long term happy customers testifies to TME’s strong support system and efficient, well-made designs.

TME – When temperature matters