TME Thermometer for Life Scheme

What is the TME Thermometer for Life Scheme?


This is our promise that you will never need to pay full price to replace your broken TME manufactured thermometer. If the damage falls outside the terms of our warranty – don’t worry.

It does not matter whether you purchased your TME Thermometer directly from us or from one of our distributors/ partners. Neither does it matter what damage you’ve done. If you’ve dropped it in a chip fryer or reversed over it with a forklift truck – don’t worry.

Simply package it up (well as many pieces as you can find) and using our Repair or Calibration Returns Form, return it to the address at the top of the form.

TME thermometers in the MM2000, CA2005 and Solo Series will be repaired or replaced at a cost of no more than £35.00 (+ vat)


TME thermometers in the MM7000 Series will cost no more than £125 (+ vat)

The Thermometer for Life Scheme:

Runs concurrently with your warranty.

Does not affect your warranty.

Automatically activates on the date of purchase.