TME-MM2008-Water-2 The TME Thermometer for Life Scheme and Repairs

Your TME thermometer has been dropped, the screen is water-logged or you ran it over with a fork-lift
No matter what damage your thermometer has suffered, TME offers a fixed price repair service

from as little as £35.00 per instrument.

For customers with multiple units why not enquire about our affordable fixed price service contracts?

TME-CA2005-Single-Input-T-Type-Thermocouple-Digital-Thermometer-with-Food Calibration

To comply with regulations, we recommend that all temperature products are recalibrated annually.

TME’s standard calibration certificate costs just £35.00 per instrument or

£55.00 for a System Calibration (this is where your thermometer and your probe are tested and certified together)

TME-MM2008-Water-3 How to Return Your Items

Please download and complete the TME Repair or Calibration Returns Form

Include it in your package and return to the address shown at the top of the form.

TME-CA2005-Single-Input-T-Type-Thermocouple-Digital-Thermometer-Salmon Warranty

All TME Instruments are warranted for two years against manufacturing defects.