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CA2005 High Accuracy Chef Thermometer with Hold Function

CAWALLMOUNT - Wall Mount holder for CA2005 Handheld Thermometer and CAP-C Temperature Probes

CAWALLMOUNT Wall Holder for CA2005 Thermometer & Probes

CAP-C - Colour Coded T Type Needle Probes - 90mm x 3.3mm

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CAP-C HACCP compliant T Thermocouple Type Needle Probes with colour coded handles that help reduce the risk of bacterial cross-contamination between different food groups. Manufactured from food grade 316 stainless steel using TME’s Thermasprint Technology for extra fast response. Select for use in handheld spot checks of food and liquids: meat, chicken, fish, ready meals, beverages.


Choose from:

CAP-G – Green handled needle probe for washed salad and fruit

CAP-B – Blue handled needle probe for raw fish

CAP-R – Red handled needle probe for raw meat

CAP-W – White handled needle probe for bakery and dairy

CAP-Y – Yellow handled needle probe for cooked meat

CAP-BR – Brown handled needle probe for vegetables

All probes are

Accuracy Type ‘T’ Thermocouple: ½ Class I (±0.25°C ±0.15%)

Measurement Range: -100 to 280°C

Stem Length – 90mm

Stem diameter – 3.3mm

Cable Length - 1 meter Straight Cable

Plug Type - Moulded 2 pin


These probes can also be purchased as a kit of 6 (one of each)


Requires: A digital thermocouple thermometer.

From the CA2005 Catering Range we recommend the TME CA2005 High Accuracy Chefs Digital Handheld Thermocouple Thermometer

For Next Generation Bar Code Scanning Temperature Monitoring we recommend the TME MM7000-2D ThermoBarScan Thermometer

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