MM2000-F Single Input Food Thermometer

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Free UKAS Traceable Calibration Certificate Included*

Digital, single input thermocouple thermometer. HACCP compliant, accurate, waterproof and fast response, this thermometer is a superb choice for use in all food applications.

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For Food Application we recommend -20, 0, +20 & +80°C

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MM2000-F Robust Single Input Food Thermometer. HACCP compliant, accurate, waterproof and fast response, this thermometer is a superb choice for use in all food applications.


Single Input

Measurement Range: -200 to +1,372°C (probe type dependant)

Accuracy: – +/- 0.1% OF READING +/- 0.2°C

C/F Selectable

IP67 Waterproof Casing – What does this mean?

Low Battery Indication

Selectable Thermocouple Types: K, T, J, R, N, E, S,& IR


2 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects

Eligibile for the TME Thermometer For Life Scheme

Made in Britain


FREE UKAS Traceable Certificate at points 0, +50 and 150 °C*

Rubber Boot for extra protection against damage

1 x PP3 Battery

Requires: A Thermocouple Probe/Sensor

* Please note: Temperature points included in the free certificate cannot be changed or added to


Additional information

Weight 0.19 kg

MM2000-F Data Sheet

MM2000-F Data Sheet

MM2000-F Handbook

MM2000-F Manual

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How do I remove the rubber boot from my thermometer?

We recommend you take your thermometer in both hands with your thumbs at the top of either side of the face opening of the boot. Push your thumbs upwards, so that you are peeling the boot over the top of the thermometer.

How do I fit the rubber boot on my thermometer?

Your thermometer needs to be slid bottom first in to the base of the boot. Then I would recommend that you insert your index finger through the rear window of the boot and push the front lip of the boot upwards in multiple places along the lip. Once you have manipulated the boot a litle bit you should be able to push the thermometer down until it slips in.

How do I Install/replace the battery in my thermometer?

Installing and or Replacing the battery is very easy. Simply remove the rubber boot, open the battery compartment in the back of the thermometer, remove the battery and replace with a new one.

Does my thermometer have a serial number?

Yes it does. Each thermometer is calibrated and a unique serial number is assigned and registered on our database. Your unique serial number sticker can be found in the battery compartment.

Should I clean my thermometer? How should I clean it?

TME thermometers can be wiped over with a damp cloth or cleaning wipes. If your TME thermometer has a rubber boot, this can be removed and washed in warm soapy water or cleaned in a dishwasher.

I need different temperature points on a calibration certificate to those on the free one - what can I do?

To the right of the product photographs there is a section where you can add a four temperature point certificate to your order. Simply click on 'Add UKAS Traceable Calibration' and tick one of the three choices. This will reveal the area for selecting your four points.

How can I tell when my thermometer was calibrated?

In the battery compartment you will see that in the area where the battery is inserted there is a black and white sticker. The information contained on that sticker includes your thermometers unique serial number, the month and year that your thermometer was calibrated and the same a year hence when your thermometer would require recalibration.

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