PKHVK – K Type Heating, Vent and Refrigeration Probe Kit

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K Type Plug Mounted Heat and Vent Probe Kit with 4 probes and probe extension handle

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PKHVK K Type Plug Mounted Heating and Ventilation Probe Kit. Comprising of three plug mounted probes, a velcro probe – all which can be plugged directly into a handheld thermometer, and a handle, which enables the user to convert the plug mounted probes into standard length probes. This kit provides all the probes commonly used for Facilities Management temperature monitoring.


Includes one of each:

KHS01 – Surface Probe for radiators and pipes

KHM01 – General Purpose Immersion Probe. Ideal for testing liquids

KHA02 – Still Air Probe, ideal for testing air conditioning ducts and ventilation units

KVEL01 – Velcro Probe, for wrapping around pipes of varying diameter for surface temperature

KH01 – Handle for the above probes which enables the user to convert the plug mounted probes into standard length probes


All probes are Accuracy Type ‘K’ Thermocouple:  Class I (±1.5°C ±0.25%)

Probe Measurement Ranges:

KHS01: -100 to 250°C

KHM01: -100 to 750°C

KHA02: -100 to 750°C

KVEL01: -50 to 150°C

Probe Measurements:

KHS01: 110 x 10mm

KHM01: 100 x 3mm

KHA02: 110 x 4mm

KVEL01: 400 x 20mm

Handle Measurements:

KH01: 135 x 15mm

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PKHVK Data Sheet

PKHVK Data Sheet