CAP-B Blue Needle Probe

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Blue Colour coded needle probe for spot temperature checks on Raw Fish


CAP-B colour coded needle probe (blue), HACCP compliant; highly accurate; -100 to + 280°C; dishwasher – safe. For handheld spot checks on raw fish. Colour coded to prevent cross-contamination.


Measurement Range -100 to +280°C
High Accuracy ±0.25°C ±0.15%
Food grade stainless steel 316 thermasprint needle probe 90mm x 3.3mm
T Type Thermocouple
Supplied with blue handle for raw fish.
1m Straight Cable
Fitted with a moulded 2-pin plug

Requires: A digital thermocouple thermometer.


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Weight 0.055 kg

CAP Data Sheet

CAP Range Data Sheet


Are the CAP probes specifically for catering use?

The CAP range of needle probes have been designed with the catering industry in mind but they can be used in most applications which requires the core temperature measurement of products.

Are the CAP probes waterproof?

The CAP probes have a fully waterproof construction and can even be cleaned and sterilized within a dishwasher or ware-washer.

What is the colour coding for?

TME have developed colour coded needle probes to help reduce the risk of bacterial cross-contamination between different food groups. Each probe handle is colour coded so it can be assigned to a particular food group: RED = Raw Meat, BLUE = Cooked Fish, YELLOW = Cooked Meat, GREEN = Washed Salad/Fruit, WHITE = Bakery and Dairy, BROWN = Vegetables.